Routine Maintenance Work

ROUTINE MAINTENANC WORK will carry out task such as slope inspection and monitoring slope condition. Slope Inspection will be carry out more than once or 3 times every years (depends on slope risk level), It should preferably be carried out more between October and November (monsoon season). It is a good practise to inspect the drainage channels and clear any blockage after a heavy rainstorm.

Slope Inspection
  • To review previous Stability Assessment report

  • To identify all visible changes and sign of slope distress

  • To recommend the necessary preventive maintenance works.

  • To prepare or update the Maintenance Manual to include all relevant information extracted from the previous Stability Assessment

Drainage Cleaning & Grass Cutting
  • Clearance of accumulates debris from drainage channels and slope surface.

  • Repair of cracked or damaged drainage channels.

  • Cleaning blockage of weep holes and outlet drainpipes.

  • Repair of missing or deteriorated pointing in masonry walls (drain sump).


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